THIS Kind of Faith is DANGEROUS! | The Shield of Faith, Pt 3/3 | GTH Ministries

Shield of Faith 3 of 3

Welcome back to another video and clip from a GTH ministries, men’s retreat. Today we will be part 3/3 in our video series, diving into the shield of faith, as referenced by many verses in scripture. Ephesians chapter 6:16 makes a profound statement, when referencing to the “shield of faith”, stating: “above all, take the […]


STAND BOLDLY, wearing the “Helmet of YOUR SALVATION” | PT 3/3 | GTH Ministries

The Helmet of Salvation 3 of 3

Thank you for checking out, the conclusion video in the “helmet of salvation series“! One of the most essential and foundational pieces of the armor that we are given for our spiritual warfare is the “helmet of salvation“ and so, in this three parts series, Tanner Hall is speaking on what he believes scripture is […]