What should I bring?

Packing List

Make sure to bring:

  • If you own a bible, bring it, if you do not own a bible, you will when you leave this retreat.
  • Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets (bunks are just a mattress, so whatever you need to be comfortable)
  • Pillow and Pillowcase
  • Bath Linens (wash cloth, bath towel, hand towel, bath mat)
  • Personal toiletries and medication( prescriptions clearly labeled on the bottle please )
  • Flashlight
  • Sweater/jacket (warm days, cool nights)
  • Flip flops (shower)
  • Casual/Comfortable clothes for 3-4 days

                You are going to be away from home for 3- 4 days. Please consider wearing layers. Check weather reports for the weekend so you are prepared. The zip code of Pikeville TN is  37367. Throughout the weekend we ask that you leave your cell phones on your bunk, if you must carry them please let us know. You can check them on breaks, but we understand some need to carry them for business and emergencies. 

What to leave at home

  • Electronics: TV, Laptops, Gaming Stations, Nintendo Switches, DVD/Blue Ray Players
  • Guns, Knives, Weapons – If you have to carry for your employment please let a staff member know.
  • Non Prescription Drugs and Alcohol
  • Camping Equipment ( you will not need all those things you used to deploy with )
  • Cameras – What happens at retreat is between the Lord and the Seeker, not social media. Pictures of each group and each team will be given out on departure day.

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