Welcome to the frequently asked questions page.

Veterans, 1st Responders, and all faith leaders are eligible to attend. Additionally, family members of anyone of these professions are also eligible to attend.

The retreat is designed to pull the seeker out of their normal environment and place them in a situation where the “person” they turn to for coping and help is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our loved ones can support seekers through many situations but we believe only a relationship with Jesus Christ will heal them fully, this is why we ask that only 1 member from each family attend at a time.

We are not associated with any particular denomination. 

Our beliefs can be found here 

Retreat are designed to maximize people sharing their journeys and love of Christ. We have learned that having a Men’s only retreat and a Woman’s only retreat works best. Stay tuned for the dates of the March 2022 Women’s only retreat. The Oct 2021 retreat is our first retreat and is COED attendance, with Male only and Female only cabins assigned. We expect it to be the only GTH coed retreat as we are training staff during this event.

Thankfully no, the woman’s retreats are designed by Laura Bondurant. While both retreats are designed to bring you closer to Jesus Christ as your personal savior, the format is different.  You will have to check out what she has planned for each one when they go live. She is currently designing the March 2022 retreat so check back soon.