Men’s Oct 2022 Retreat Playlist

Men's October 2022 Retreat video still

Did you miss the retreat and would like to catch some of the highlights that you missed out on? Subscribe to this channel to get the newest highlight reels. Men’s Conference Oct 2022 3 Videos Your Heart WILL Lie! | (1/3) 0:16 Your Heart WILL Drive! (2/3) Your Heart WILL Survive! (3/3  20 total views

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Thank you Jesus

New GTH Ministries Hats

This week I have watched God fight for Gateway to Heaven Ministries, fight for those men who kept the faith, fight for the ones who strapped on the Belt of Truth and stood in sacrifice of righteousness. I have seen many miracles this week, some so strange that to man’s naked eye, the opposition will […]

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Oil Change

Oil Change

I Live. I Drive. Therefore, I love Oil Changes. To keep running the race of life we all must take care of our spiritual health just like we keep our cars oil changed. Change Your Oil has a totally different meaning when we look at the Word of God and realize two things Oil is […]

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July 4th 2022

July 4th 2022

Let the Light of Jesus be America’s Hope

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