In this worlds system, it should be no surprise to us that in a day and age where all absolutes go out the window, the culture is running around confused about everything, and the term “truth” is deemed offensive, or at the very least, completely subjective, that in all of this we see the downfall of our societies. Maybe, just maybe those of us, pursuing truth to it’s end, and desiring to follow God, as He is the foundation of all matters of our faith, and direction in this life, can be the salt and light we are called to be, and proclaim TRUTH to a lost world. I know things are not always as clean-cut as we would like them to be, but maybe today’s video and a piece of Josh Snyders talk at this last retreat will help you think a little bit deeper on why we are challenged to wear the “belt of truth” in scripture and the significance of different elements of this allegoric picture painted by the apostle Paul for us in the book of Ephesians.