Are you the person who takes notes on sermons at church?

What do you do with them? Do you study them as you ready your own version of Psalm 17.

What if every day we picked a note to share and told the story of how that note helped us?

A while back Pastor Randy Hargett was nearing the middle of his sermon on finding peace and he exclaimed, very loudly,  “Problems Hearing God? TURN UP THE PRAISE!”

He may not have know that these words were written down, he might not know how deep that note spoke to me. The military teaches us to place our hands behind us at parade rest, a ready stance for the next order. God teaches us to raise our hands in Praise, a ready stance for the next order.

If you are having trouble finding peace today, ” Turn up your Praise!” 

Read James 4 and see what 2 Cor12: 9-10 has to say to you today.