Memorial Day,
A day to honor the ones who gave their lives for America, many people think this is a celebration day, it is not.

 It is a day of remembrance.

One of the best articles written on what not to do on Memorial Day is by Rachel at police1


Why are we focusing on the Police, and not the Military?
America has a new front line, here.
They are giving all for America, just like the troops who passed in the Civil war, just like the troops who went elsewhere and gave their lives for America.

Pray with us today over a family of a fallen officer, don’t stop there, a fire fighter’s, a Veterans.




While we all now have a somber view, focus on preventing the next death.

NPR news notes the issue at hand. Death by our own hands is outpacing deaths in the line of duty.


If prayer can change God’s Mind such as we see in Gen 6: 7, 1 Samuel 15: 11 and Jonah 3:10 and all these changes were the outcome of prayer, we know that prayer works.

Lord, today’s prayer is not for ourselves. We come before You to honor those souls who may be in Sheol as Jonah was, may their souls last prayer be heard, may they see your Light, may they walk the golden road with Your Son, Jesus, talking like excited children of all the people that they want You to help that they left behind. Lord, we know warriors, on the outside they are tough and bold, on the inside they are a ball of caring and sacrifice for others.

Today Lord, reach down in a special way and let those they told you about know and understand that You are in control and that in these warriors absence You walk in their stead, a prayer away. Your mighty works and miracles ready to show the all the power of their sacrifice. After all this is Your model for saving others.