Verse of the Day

To family, friends, brother and sister in Christ. The Verse of the day is from the OT Book of Nehemiah

Nehemiah 8:10 Then He said to them, “Go your way,” eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Read Nehemiah 8:1-12 Ezar reads the law to the people explaining the word of God

As we see Nehemiah, characteristically admonished the people to send portions to the poor who were unable to prepare anything themselves so that they, too could find joy. As we read God word we to should get joy from it and share it with other. Yes, food is needed so we can survive and some of us have great, great joy in feasting including myself. However, knowing God law His word will give you the strength one will need to survive the world we live in and as we go through life. You and I can have great joy doing it God way. The more you read God word the more your spiritual joy will grow. So share the things that God give you with other and be a blessing to them as God bless you.

I pray that we follow God word to the “T”. He will never let us down if we are following his commandant and His Holy word from the Bible. This is our instruction manual why we are here on earth. I ask that you take the time to read and understand what is to come.

From Gateway to Heaven Staff have a bless and wonderful day