Verse of the Day

To family, friends, brother and sister in Christ. The verse of the day comes out of the NT book of Luke.

Luke 22:51 But Jesus answered and said, “Permit even this.” And He (Jesus) touched his ear and healed him.

Read Luke 22:39-51 it talks about the prayer in the garden and the betrayal and arrest in Gethsemane.

Here we see even Jesus prays to God the Father asking Him if there was another way other then dyeing for mankind. Notice the love, respect and the obedient of Jesus towards his Father by saying not My (Jesus) will, but Yours (God) will be done. God does answer prayer however sometime when He answer our prayers it not the way we wanted. So many people get mad, upset and anger with God when He doesn’t answer the way we want, so they give up, walk away from Him and allow their heart to grow cold towards God. This is a shame because they will miss the blessing from him!

What an example of love Jesus show us. When they came to arrest Jesus one of his disciples Peter pull a sword and cut the right ear off the solider. Jesus didn’t get mad or upset with Peter he love him and told to put the sword away and allow this to happen. Nor did he only love Peter he loved the solider that got his ear cut off. He loved him so much that he reattached the ear and healed him. Indicating that His Kingdom was about healing, loving and not hurting. Time after time Jesus used the disciple’s mistake to show his love.

Jesus also does this for us, he loves us. What Jesus does for us, we can do for others. Love them and show them a better way. Instead of magnifying every mistake, we can turn them into beautiful act of forgiveness, healing and redemption.

How wonderful it is to know that Jesus longs to turn our mistakes into amazing examples of His grace. I praises God for that because in the past and future I have and I am sure I will make more mistakes.

I pray that this encourage someone that reads this. Have a bless day from the Gateway to Heaven Ministries