Good morning all,

As a ministry one of the things we aim to do is spread the good news as an outreach to those who may not have a home church.

Some of you know the Lord laid it on my heart to write a sermon. Some know, how much I struggled with not feeling qualified enough, learned enough, to give such an important message. Yet, I must obey, as His breath is in my lungs, and this is why I am back, to witness to you about Jesus.

Anthony Turner of https://destinymi.com/dmi-home spoke a word over me that is changing my entire life. He called me Pastor. How humbling and what a calling to reach for.

Thank you Brother Anthony, for showing me I can do what God needs me too, and to not be shy of what that might be, or will be.


The Good Friday Message

Lord may your voice be heard for I am but an untrained man only wishing to be obedient to your call, thank you Lord for this honor to praise your faithfulness.

How many cars have you had? How many of those cars were changed because the vehicle failed to meet your IMMEDIATE need? Now here is the tricky question. Did you change the vehicle because you RODE it to that point?

I went for a ride in my chevy blazer, I had my whole life packed behind me in a U haul trailer. I knew this vehicle was not what I needed, yet I RODE that truck to its destruction, through the mountains hauling that trailer. It was the WRONG delivery vehicle for that task or time in my life.

Do you know how many times Jesus RODE something in the bible? That’s right one time. The chapter is titled The Triumphal Entry and can be found in Luke 19. Jesus RODE a donkey that had never been trained to be RIDEN.

Source: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/Luke/19

Different bible translations use different words for RODE, put on, sat on, but the intent is clear. When we choose a delivery vehicle to ride, do we sit on top of it? No, most of us GET IN the vehicle. Today, Jesus did not get in the boat, walk into the synagogue, today, Jesus GOT ON or WAS PUT ON or was SET UPON this donkey that was never going to work for anyone who wanted to just ride into a city.

If you do not know, donkeys will pull a plow because they feel it dragging and want to be ride of it, people throughout history used donkey’s stubbornness and unrideable spirit to do all the hard work that other horses do not have the will power to push through. Jesus RODE that donkey, but the Donkey was not the Delivery Vehicle. Jesus Christ was about to be packed up like a U haul trailer with all the past, present, and future sins of all the people that God has decided to ever create.

How many cars did you say you had? Over 10, 20, 1 every 2 years because you lease. That is an interesting need, to always be refreshed and new. Those cars were what you RODE to a change or as Anthony Turner says a crisis or turning point. But you did not ride on top of them, did you?

No, we opened the door and we stepped in. I am not light man and at any ice cream eating months may be between 260 to 295 pounds, but what weight are we really carrying around in our Devilry Vehicle.

Whatever sins we are carrying in our lives we are carrying around, so my 295 pounds might be the light part of what I am getting inside this vehicle to go do.

I know I have gotten in my vehicle in anger, in lust, in defiance, in rebellion. That vehicle, like the donkey was not meant to be used this way. Did you burn the tires off leaving your girlfriends house after a fight, I think every man has at one point, was the vehicle better or worse for the wear?

Did you regret burning out all those times when your ride was RODE to the point needing new tires?

Jesus was regretful of all our sins too.

He wept in Luke 19 verse 41 And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it

Jesus wept because He was there to forgive and only a few took this opportunity. He had to RIDE on.

The crushing weight of the worlds sin swirling in a cup, that He would drink of free will.

Jesus was RODE like our devilry vehicle when we jump in with all the world’s sin in our hearts. God used His Son, Jesus Christ as the last devilry vehicle you would ever need so that He could provide you A DELIVERY VEHICLE for all those sins and have your name written in the book of LIFE.


We at Gateway to Heaven Ministries want to wish each of you a blessed Good Friday as we all thank God for our upgraded Delivery Vehicle, Jesus Christ, from our devilry vehicle, sin.

Thank you, Jesus, LET’S RIDE!

Jeremiah Stillings