The possibility to participate in a doctoral pilot study is available. A study is being conducted to promote post traumatic growth, which is positive psychological change as the result of former trauma. Participants in the study will engage in one counseling session a week for six weeks, at no cost, either in person or online. You, friends, or loved ones may qualify if 18 years of age and with a history of trauma


The study begins in two weeks, Monday 2/26, with 20 slots available! Over the next two weeks prescreening will start. Please let those around you know that may be interested. 


Please Note: You may know many veterans and people who have experienced some significant trauma. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) work does strive to pull positive meaning from the hurt; therefore, if someone is still actively traumatized or would be offended by considering positive results of the trauma, they would not be the best match for this study.

Posttraumatic Growth Study